About Us

Welcome to LEARNAPE – an ever growing, strong, global eLearning community, packaged to help learners gain knowledge and strengthen the skills set of their choice. LearnApe is vision, a dream, backed up with practical and real efforts, to provide an end-to-end free online learning and assessment platform to learners of any age group and specialization.

Whether you are preparing to excel in your class, seeking a new job, a promotion, a college place or learning skills to start a new business, LEARNAPE empowers you to improve your economic and personal circumstances, and through you, that of the community you live in.

It is a comprehensive and end-to-end free online leaning and assessment platform owned and operated by a Delhi based Entrepreneur Mr. Girish Sharma. The portal aims to foster knowledge of the desired domain in an individual and upgrade their skill set regardless of age and geographic location.

The motto, therefore is, ‘Free Learn & Earn’.

We hope to make people indulge into learning through a variety of engaging features and motivational means of earning while learning. Our mission is to help people acquire the right kind of skill sets in a wholesome manner and deploy them to make themselves self sustainable. So it’s a one stop platform to come, learn, become self sustainable and transform lives. Again it’s important to state that there is no death of content on the web or in the market, instead content overflow has led to the ‘Knowledge blast’. Therefore, we stand out because we provide rich quality authentic content in a systematic manner along with respective exams and eBooks free of any charges.

LeranApe is based on the philosophy of creating exceptional impact by delivering outstanding quality Education through innovation. The objective, therefore, is to harness the user friendly platform wherein students can come, learn and share knowledge. This knowledge that they would be gaining would help them in earning money. Therefore, the sole intention is to provide the right platform to gain knowledge and deploy the talent gained to sustain them economically. To serve the purpose, we are launching one such digital education platform which will metamorphose the world of digital education, wherein education is not just free but it’s also outstanding in quality and complete in coverage.


These courses have been specifically segregated from a variety of sources into methodologically designed courses.

Assess Learning

Self learning is further enhanced through 500+ interactive exams on various fields to help the learners’ gauze their knowledge.

Read eBook

Browse through and read 200+ eBooks at your pace and convenience without bothering to carry the weight of it, from anywhere anytime and any device.

Earn Money

LearnApe provides you an outstanding opportunity to ‘Earn while you learn’. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is not! There are thousands of activities that you can perform, courses you can indulge into and share it with your friends and peers in order to earn SkyM, a virtual currency.

Redeem Money

Redeeming SkyM is as convenient as it is to earn them. Accumulate your virtual currency and utilize to make payment for anything that you buy online. And this is not just it!! Unbelievable yet true, LeranApe offers opportunities to get your virtual currency redeemed in the form of cash, if desired.

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